What is the difference between the Basic Life Support Course and the CPR AED Course?
  • The Basic Life Support (BLS) Course is the CPR course for future and current healthcare providers, while the CPR AED course is the CPR class for Lay people who needs certification for work/school.
I do not need a CPR certification, I just want to learn how to do CPR, what CPR class should I take?

The Family and Friends CPR is the perfect class for those who only wants to learn how to do high-quality CPR without certification. It is also cheaper than the other CPR classes.

How long is the certificate valid?

Certifications under the American Heart Association, American Red Cross and Emergency Care and Safety Institute are valid for two (2) years

What are the pre-requisites for the ACLS course?

Before you take the ACLS course, you need to have an active BLS Provider certificate and you also must complete the ACLS Precourse essential.